• Madame Booth
    Lecturer in French at the University of Portland


Trudie Maria Booth is a lecturer in French at the University of Portland.
She has been teaching French language, literature, and culture courses for more than thirty years.

Her previous publications include French Phonetics, A Guide to Correct Pronunciation of French, French Prepositions, French Verbs and Idioms, and A Complete French Grammar for Reference and Practice.

She has been the recipient of several awards including the James Culligan Award, the University’s highest faculty honor, the Outstanding Teaching Award, and the Arthur Butine Faculty Development Fund Award.

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Authored by Madame Booth


French Prepositions:

Forms and Usage

An in-depth study of the forms of both simple and compound prepositions and their use in modern French.


French Phonetics

A Guide to Correct Pronunciation of French and Cahier d'Exercises.

To access audio files that highlight correct pronunciation for material found in French Phonetics, click here

French Verbs and Idioms

French Verbs and Idioms

Extensive lists of useful idioms, proverbs, and sayings containing the verbs, tenses, and moods discussed fill the gaps in the knowledge of the advanced learner.

A Complete French Grammar

A Complete French Grammar

This comprehensive manual thoroughly covers every aspect of French grammar.

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French Verb Tenses

French Verb Tenses

The ideal reference and workbook for beginning to intermediate French learners.

French Verb Tenses

La Langue Française à Travers les Siècles

This invaluable book describes the development of the French language from its Latin origins to its most recent form.


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